From its early days as Homeshare Victoria, HANZA has been publishing its research and evaluation studies and making them available for anyone interested in Homeshare development.

Our first publication was a literature review:

Johnson S, McAdam H. Homesharing: A review of Australian and International Homeshare Projects.  Prepared for Homeshare Victoria by Creative Skill Consultants, Traralgon, Victoria, February 2000. [download temporarily unavailable]

The literature review was followed by a homeshare model proposal to guide the implementation of the pilot program in Melbourne:

Johnson S, McAdam H. Reciprocal Housing: Proposed Models for a Victorian Scheme. Prepared for Homeshare Victoria. Creative Skill Consultants, Traralgon, Victoria, February 2000. [download temporarily unavailable]

In the second year of the pilot consultant Meg Montague undertook an evaluation:

Montague Meg, BA Hons, PhD, Grad Dip Public Policy, Increasing Housing and Support Options for Older People – An evaluation of Homeshare Victoria Pilot, Phase I: planning, implementation and the first year of matches. June 2001

In 2003 an economic evaluation was done – a first anywhere in the world!

Ben Carstein B.Comm/B.Ec(Hons) Economic Evaluation of Homeshare Victoria. Can an innovative community based aged care program give good value for money? (February 2003). This was a project of the Internship Program of the Ronald Henderson Research Foundation. [download temporarily unavailable]

Strategic Plan, 2020-2023

In early 2020, the Board of HANZA approved a new three-year strategic plan. The document sets out HANZA’s vision, mission, values and strategic goals, along with a series of steps toward achieving those goals. The plan is available for download as a PDF.

Planning and operational manual

This manual was designed to be a practical tool for those wanting to set up a Homeshare program. It contains model policies and procedures, sample documents as well as practical advice to those embarking on the exciting venture of running a Homeshare program. However each program, in the initial design and start-up phase, must consider and adapt to unique organizational and community characteristics of the area in which it will operate. A new program should consider hiring an experienced homesharing consultant to consult with during the program’s start-up.

Montague Meg, BA Hons, PhD, Grad Dip Public Policy, for Homeshare Victoria, Intergenerational Homesharing: A Planning and Operational Manual. Prepared for Homeshare Victoria. May 2002. 2nd Edition 2012.

This second edition was updated by HANZA Inc. in 2012 with minor modification to ensure information on evaluation and research, resources, programs and organisation is up to date.

Available from HANZA Inc. Contact us.


As reform occurs in Aged and Disability Care, HANZA has responded to calls for submissions to relevant discussion papers and enquiries. Most recently a submission was made to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety:

HANZA Inc. submission to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety (PDF)

We have also submitted to the Commonwealth’s Discussion Paper on the Home Support Program:

HANZA Inc. submission to the Commonwealth Home Support Programme Discussion Paper (PDF)

And a submission was also made to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS):

Download the Homeshare & The National Disability Insurance Scheme (PDF)