The world may be slowly sliding into a dystopian future of fire and pestilence, but some things can still be relied upon—and one such thing is the arrival of HANZA’s annual report, which is now available to read and download on this very site. We’re delighted to report that in this most challenging of years, we have survived, and even—in the case of Home Share Melbourne, at least—thrived. The report catalogues the way we have risen to the challenges of isolation, Zoom meetings, social distancing and more—and emphasises that, in a world threatened by a pandemic that sadly appears to target the old and the vulnerable, homeshare is more vital than ever.

You can read and download the annual report right here, right now. It’s in PDF format, so you’ll need a PDF reader—most browsers these days incorporate such functionality, but if you’re struggling, Adobe also offer free reader software for download.