If it’s December, it must be… Annual Report time! And, indeed, HANZA’s freshly minted Annual Report is ready for the world.

The Report catalogues another challenging year for, but as with 2019-20, the story of HANZA in 2020-21 has been one of success despite the backdrop of adversity. Highlights include the social enterprise formerly known as Home Share Melbourne taking flight as Bridge It; the way in which homeshare has continued to navigate the new landscape of NDIS; and the fact that homeshare continues to grow and evolve as a concept, extending beyond its traditional remit of aged care into areas such as alleviating housing shortages for refugees and providing live-in assistance for those with disabilities.

HANZA’s 2020-21 Annual Report is available to read and/or download right now. You’ll need a PDF reader; most browsers and operating systems come with such functionality built in these days, but if yours doesn’t, head on over to Adobe’s site to download their free PDF reader.