One of the new Homeshare programs funded by the Victorian Dept. of Health launched its service in May 2014 with much fanfare and excitement.

“A great new opportunity now exists in Melbourne’s east for people over 65 or with a disability to stay living at home longer. Instead of struggling with daily tasks, feeling isolated or wondering whether it is time to give up the home they love, they can join the Homeshare program,” Tony Cavedon, Program Manager at UnitingCare Community Options, said.

Launched by Uniting Care lifeAssist (formerly Uniting Care Community Options) in May, the program can match Householders with a Homesharer who can move in and, in exchange for free rent, provide company, overnight presence and up to 10 hours of much-needed practical assistance each week.

With Homesharers providing their own food and a share of utility bills, nobody is out of pocket. Homesharers can come from all backgrounds and can be men or women from in their twenties onwards. Homesharers undergo a thorough assessment process, including referee and police checks. Once a Homeshare match begins, it is closely monitored and supported by the Homeshare Coordinators at Uniting Care lifeAssist.

This joint Commonwealth and State funded program is modelled on well-established international Homeshare programs which have been running for decades. For more information please contact our
Homeshare team on 1300 ASSIST (1300 277 478).