What do these two have in common? A lot more than you would first think. Dianna and Piumika are Homesharers in lifeAssist’s Homeshare program and love living with each other.

Homeshare matches people who want companionship and practical help to live at home (Householders) with people who need accommodation (Homesharers). Homesharers provide companionship, an overnight presence and up to 10 hours of practical help per week instead of rent.

For many householders, the thought of sharing their home with someone new can seem a little strange, perhaps even unsettling. The magic to a good Homeshare experience is in the matching.

Householders and Homesharers are matched according to personalities, interests, routines and needs. They only decide to homeshare together after getting to know each other with the assistance of lifeAssist Homeshare Coordinators.

When Dianna and Piumika first met they immediately felt they had found a good match. Within minutes of meeting Piumika, Dianna announced she would call her “Mika” and started planning what they might do together.

Piumika happily swapped the noisy polluted atmosphere of inner Melbourne for the fresh air and open spaces of the leafy eastern suburbs. She loved the warm, family atmosphere of Dianna’s home and the chance to be part of such a welcoming family.

Dianna and Piumika have homeshared for over a year and have learned a lot from each other. Dianna’s son, Peter, is thrilled with the match. He is pleased that his Mum feels safer and happier now there is company in the house.

“Mum felt nervous living on her own but had no interest in leaving her home of 50 years. When the nights became a problem for her, Mum made it clear she didn’t want to be a burden on the family,” Peter said. “lifeAssist Homeshare is the perfect solution for Mum. Since Piumika moved in, Mum became noticeably happier. Both Mum and Piumika have shared interests in cooking, gardening and football, they also have their own interests in church, university, club and bowls. Having the companionship of Piumika meant that she had someone to care for. They have developed a truly cohesive relationship, so much so that Mum introduced Piumika at family Christmas as her new daughter,” Peter said.

“Piumika has essentially become a new member of our family and we are so happy that the program has been successful for both of them. The people at lifeAssist were very thorough in the matching process and were very caring and had a clear understanding of both parties’ needs,” Peter said.

Homeshare can be provided as a free Government-funded program, a self-funded service, or as part of an NDIS plan for those covered by the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Contact lifeAssist’s Homeshare Coordinators today if you are interested in being a part of the Homeshare program.

03 9239 2500 or info@lifeassist.org.au