There’s some important news from our colleagues at Homeshare International, who announced this week that they are partnering with UK organization Shared Lives Plus.

Shared Lives Plus is the UK’s leading network for the delivery of a variety of schemes aimed at the promotion of intergenerational shared living, including Homeshare. It has been a partner of Homeshare UK for some time, and in the press release that accompanied news of the partnership, Shared Lives Plus CEO Alex Fox OBE said, “We are honoured to form this partnership with Homeshare International, building on years of its ground-breaking work. We will be consulting with all Homeshare International’s stakeholders and actively seeking funding to expand and develop Homeshare International’s support for homesharing around the globe.”

It’s exciting to see that such a prominent and successful organization is expanding on and reinforcing its commitment to Homeshare, and we hope that the new partnership serves to further raise awareness of, and use of, the Homeshare model!

Image: Shared Lives Plus CEO Alex Fox OBE speaking at the recent Homeshare Congress in Brussels (courtesy HI/SLP)