In the year since we made our original submission to the ongoing Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, we have been disappointed to see the Commission issue several media releases and Research Papers that have contained no mention of homeshare, despite those documents addressing subjects that fall very much in the same sphere as homeshare’s purpose.

In view of this, we have prepared a follow-up submission that restates the benefits of homeshare and sets out the need for the concept to be recognized and endorsed by the Royal Commission. The document also updates the original submission in light of the events of the intervening 12 months — most notably, of course, the COVID-19 epidemic.

We submitted this new document earlier this month, and we are hoping to see homeshare appear on the Commissioners’ collective radar soon. The follow-up submission is available to read and download now; as always, we encourage readers and friends of homeshare to share it widely!