The budding Sydney and Melbourne Homeshare programs met up for a productive lunch earlier this month. Many thanks to Kathryn Brookes (above) from Holdsworth Community, Sydney for a very stimulating visit.

Holdsworth Community is working hard to establish a “social enterprise” Homeshare initiative and tackling the daunting task of designing a “fee for service” model of Homeshare. Our up-and-coming Homeshare Melbourne program is hell bent on a similar path, with the enterprising Carla Seymour, the Program Development Officer, itching to jump out of the starting blocks. We might have a serious Sydney-Melbourne race on our hands to establish the first “housing focused” Homeshare program in Australia!

Kathryn’s visit also included an excellent meeting with the staff of the well established Uniting Homeshare program (formerly Wesley HS and lifeAssist HS). Thank you so much David McCoy, Barbara Hill and Rizalina Cazar for sharing your knowledge and experience.