A Discussion Paper by Canberra-based think tank The Australia Institute has found that successful Homeshare programs are at risk of being discontinued as the funding responsibility for aged care and disability services transition from the States to the Federal Government under the National Disability Insurance Scheme and MyAgedCare reforms.

Whilst both schemes give the person more power to choose who supports them and under what terms, they also assume a paid relationship between the person and their carer.

“Homeshare arrangements are at risk under this new structure because they are based on the carer providing in-kind supports. As a result they aren’t recognised by the schemes as a formal service that could be available to participants. The reforms therefore have the potential to stifle innovations in service development which are not based on paid relationships,” report author and Director of Research at The Australia Institute Rod Campbell said.

“With Australia’s rapidly ageing population and rising levels of unmet need, programs that enable people to remain living in their own home need to be supported. If they aren’t Australia faces an unsustainable pressure on the system as demand for formal services will continue to outstrip supply,” Campbell said.

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