HANZA is delighted and proud to announce that our esteemed President, Annette Madden, has been recognised in the Australia Day Honours 2018. She was awarded a medal of the Order of Australia for her outstanding service in aged care over the course of a long and distinguished career, including her work with Homeshare and her long commitment to HANZA.

Annette has been with us from the beginning in 1997 and has contributed enormously to HANZA’s achievements. Over the last eight years Annette has proved to be a supportive Vice-President, and since 2015 an effective and hard working President. She provides strong leadership and support to committee members, and to all the volunteers who are ‘Making the Case for Homeshare’ with Government and the community.

Annette’s award means that HANZA can now boast three OAMs on its committee, with Annette joining ranks with Homeshare’s founders Carmel Hurst and Beris Campbell. Back in 2014, Carmel wrote, “Two awards for Homeshare suggests that we are being taken seriously, that it is an excellent program, [and] that government is happy with us”. This feeling is even stronger today: with THREE awards, we know that government is listening to us, and we can feel more confident than ever that Homeshare’s time has come!

Annette has made an extraordinary contribution to aged care, both in her professional nursing career and in her voluntary effort in the community. She is one of this country’s quiet achievers and well deserving of recognition.

Congratulations Annette!