HANZA members have been considering the topic of Client Directed Care (CDC) and its implications for Homeshare programs. CDC is being formally introduced into the delivery of aged care packages and funding will henceforth be dependent on its inclusion. We know via a pilot program that has been established to trial the concept, that it works like this:

Each of the aged care packages has a different dollar value:- CACP, EACH and EACH dementia, with the latter at the highest and CACP at the lowest. The amounts of each will be slightly increased, possibly to acknowledge the extremely heavy accounting burden likely under new arrangements.

By July 2013 all new packages will be required to embrace CDC accounting and remittance protocols while existing packages may remain as before until 2015, when all packages must include the new system. The official name of the new system is “Consumer Directed Care”. The basic structure of the system is the division of services into three levels of support from minimal, medium and high level, with financial repercussions in each choice.

This news presents Homeshare with new challenges. Under new arrangements, Homeshare will be able to be included within these funding blocks, but the structural straight jackets involved might suggest avoiding them. On the other hand, if we demonstrate that Homeshare is already a self-directing program, perhaps we can have classic Homeshare included without needing to exclude crucial elements of the service.

There will be many different opinions about all of this and final arrangements are not yet in place and interpretations will vary. We in HANZA will study this new information and expect to update you again in the next newsletter.