This fortnight’s edition of The Big Issue includes an in-depth feature about Homeshare and the new Home Share Melbourne program.

The Big IssueThe piece examines two successful, but quite different, Homeshare matches: householder Philomena, who’s in her seventies, and her 20-year-old homesharer Rakesh, a student from Malaysia, and also 89-year-old Cecilia and her 61-year-old homesharer Jean. It’s fascinating to read about all four participants’ varying experiences of Homeshare — Jean is Cecilia’s first homesharer, but Philomena has had three different homesharers over the years, forming strong friendships with each of them. Both Jean and Rakesh discuss how Melbourne’s expensive rental market would make it impossible for them to stay in the city were it not for Homeshare: a great example of mutual benefit for both householder and homesharer!

The story also features quotes from Home Share Melbourne senior coordinator Carla Raynes, who explains how Home Share Melbourne is building on the Homeshare concept to assist people who are struggling to find housing in the city’s cutthroat rental market: “There are lots of people out there who would make amazing housemates,” she says. “It’s just that they need to be given that opportunity.”

The magazine was kind enough to provide us with a PDF of the story, which you can read and/or download here.