richard-and-emmaEmma began a PhD in Mathematics two years ago at a Melbourne university. Although she had a small scholarship to help with expenses, Emma found student life increasingly difficult. Living in a student house was less than ideal as she was older than her flatmates, who were undergraduate students, and as well she needed a part-time job to supplement her scholarship income. Then Emma read about Homeshare.

Richard, 85, was widowed four years ago and lived alone. As he no longer had the confidence to drive to the local shops, his daughter found that she was spending increasing amounts of time either at his home, shopping for him or just worrying about her father. She heard about Homeshare through one of her father’s neighbours.

Emma and Richard have enjoyed their Homeshare match for just over a year. Richard feels secure and less lonely with another person in the house. Emma benefits financially and has more time to study. Richard and Emma both enjoy sharing occasional meals and their mutual interest in music.