jeff-and-elizaJeff was one of our first Homesharers and Eliza one of our first Householders.

Jeff came from Singapore to study accountancy at Monash University and got to hear about the Homeshare program in the university housing advertisements. At the time he was 27 and had been in Australia for six months.

Eliza was a widow who lived alone and was beginning to feel isolated and at-risk owing to poor vision and frailty. She had heard of Homeshare through someone at her church.

When interviewed by Beris Campbell, the Homeshare Program Coordinator, Eliza was very clear about the sort of person she envisaged as her Homesharer – “a nice young girl” …

Beris asked Eliza to instead consider a young gentleman – Jeff – that she thought would be a good match. They hit it off immediately. Jeff is a quiet, considerate young man who devoted himself to his studies and to Eliza. They became good friends and cooked, ate and shopped together. Many times Jeff was invited into the social life of the extended family.

As the years went on Jeff passed his exams each year, became better at English, graduated, got a job and bought a car. Meanwhile, Eliza became more frail.

In this, the longest of our matches, Eliza was able to avoid residential care and stay at home despite increasing dependency and occasional bouts of illness.