householder-tomTom lost his wife in 1999 and moved from Melbourne to Perth to be near his family. A retired teacher, active and sociable, Tom and his doggy mate Jerry, hated living alone and applied to Homeshare.

Diane, a student nurse at the nearby TAFE, enjoyed not only the low-cost accommodation that the Homeshare program offers but also Tom’s invaluable help and support with her studies.

Diane has moved on in her life – although she is still in regular contact with Tom – and Tom has enjoyed the experience of two more homesharers through the Homeshare program run by Perth Home Care Services.

Tom is pictured with Beris Campbell, the founding Coordinator of the Homeshare program in Melbourne, when she travelled to Perth to promote Homeshare to potential participants.

Tom continues to be one of the strongest advocates for the Homeshare program.