Homeshare Stories


The upcoming episode of the ABC’s long-running documentary show Compass will focus on … Homeshare! The episode, entitled “Perfect Match”, documents the matching process, following several pairs of householders and homesharers as “they are matched, meet and hopefully hit it […]


This fortnight’s edition of The Big Issue includes an in-depth feature about Homeshare and the new Home Share Melbourne program. The piece examines two successful, but quite different, Homeshare matches: householder Philomena, who’s in her seventies, and her 20-year-old homesharer […]

Homeshare is the perfect solution

What do these two have in common? A lot more than you would first think. Dianna and Piumika are Homesharers in lifeAssist’s Homeshare program and love living with each other. Homeshare matches people who want companionship and practical help to […]

  • householder-tom

Householder Tom

Tom lost his wife in 1999 and moved from Melbourne to Perth to be near his family. A retired teacher, active and sociable, Tom and his doggy mate Jerry, hated living alone and applied to Homeshare. Diane, a student nurse at […]

  • jeff-and-eliza

Jeff and Eliza

Jeff was one of our first Homesharers and Eliza one of our first Householders. Jeff came from Singapore to study accountancy at Monash University and got to hear about the Homeshare program in the university housing advertisements. At the time he […]

  • ruby-and-jose

Jose and Ruby

Ninety-eight year-old Householder Ruby has loved having international student José from Mexico as her Homesharer. Studying international finance and managing a big student loan, Homeshare has been a god-send for José, while for Ruby it has provided companionship. “I hate […]

  • richard-and-emma

Richard and Emma

Emma began a PhD in Mathematics two years ago at a Melbourne university. Although she had a small scholarship to help with expenses, Emma found student life increasingly difficult. Living in a student house was less than ideal as she was […]