HomeShare InternationalWhat is Homeshare International?

Homeshare International (HI) is a UK Charity set up in 1999 to encourage the development of new homeshare programs around the world and to forge links between them. The international homeshare movement has grown from this initiative.

In 2019, HI announced a partnership with UK-based shared living network Shared Lives Plus. The partnership builds on the two decades of work that HI has done in laying the groundwork for Homeshare’s growth and ongoing success.

Homeshare International’s aims are to:

  • provide a link between all homeshare programmes around the world, enabling the agencies involved to share learning and information
  • raise awareness of homesharing and its potential among professionals and policy makers in housing, social services and other relevant fields
  • stimulate the setting up of new homeshare programmes
  • support and encourage good practice in running programmes
  • encourage research on the contribution that homesharing can make to the social needs it seeks to address.

Governance of Homeshare International

Homeshare International is run by a Board of Trustees with support from a group of international advisers. The current membership of this Board, along with much more information about Homeshare International, can be found via their website. HANZA has had a long and productive relationship with HI; HANZA Board member Beris Campbell OAM is also a Trustee on the Homeshare International board, and HANZA is a member of the Homeshare International Network.

Homeshare World Congress

As well as its work promoting and raising awareness of Homeshare, HI has hosted the biennial Homeshare World Congress since the congress’s inception in 2009. The congress has taken place in some of the world’s great cities: Paris in 2009, Cologne in 2011, Oxford in 2013, Melbourne in 2015, Madrid in May 2017, and Brussels in 2019. Each time the meetings have grown, both in terms of attendance numbers and, more importantly, in numbers of countries showing an interest in learning about Homeshare and its developments.

HANZA has attended all the Congresses so far, being represented by at various points by founder Carmel Hurst OAM, current Board member (and first Victorian Homeshare program manager) Beris Campbell OAM, former Board member Lyn Grocke, Treasurer Alexis Hughes, and Home Share Melbourne Program Manager Carla Raynes. We look forward to attending the next conference, which will be in Liverpool during May 2021!