Benefits of joining HANZA

  • Information – Any group wishing to start a new Homeshare program for their clients can have the advantage of the considerable amount of documentation we have developed to support the program.  In particular, we have developed a Planning and Operational Manual which aspiring organisations will find invaluable.
  • Support – HANZA and its members can discuss all aspects of the Homeshare program and offer practical advice and assistance to all those interested or participating in the program.
  • Education – HANZA has training programs to educate new Homeshare practitioners.
  • Website – This website is designed to provide information and support to members as well as inform other interested parties about what we are doing. It also guides prospective clients of Homeshare to an appropriate program to fill their needs.
  • Homeshare Community of Practice – HANZA hosts a CoP four or five times a year to share knowledge and experience and promote interaction between Homeshare practitioners.
  • HANZA News – A quarterly newsletter keeping you abreast of new developments in the Homeshare community and in ageing services more broadly.
  • DVD – This is available to interested persons.
  • Promotion – HANZA Board members are available to visit organisations and groups to promote Homeshare throughout Australasia.  We regularly present at conferences, to professional groups and community organisations.


HANZA membership is open to individuals and organisations who wish to support and promote homesharing. Becoming a member indicates your willingness to join a network of individuals and organisations that are keen to promote policy, actions and programs around homesharing as a viable, affordable and sustainable model of supported shared living.

In applying for membership of HANZA Inc, you are asked to declare that you understand and support the vision, mission, values and goals of the organisation, and the rights and responsibilities of being a member as contained in the HANZA Strategic Plan, the HANZA Rules, and the HANZA Membership Policy.

Members may be individuals or organisations in Australia or New Zealand who are operating or aspiring to operate a homeshare program or interested in and wishing to support homesharing as a model of supported shared living.

A differentiated schedule of fees applies to membership depending on the applicant’s status as above.

In 2020-2021 the following HANZA membership fees apply:

Individual members
– No joining fee
– Annual fee: $50

Organisation aspiring to run a homeshare program
– Joining fee: $200
– Annual fee: $100

Organisation with homeshare program
– Joining fee: $300
– Annual fee: $200

For further information about membership of HANZA and how to apply for this please see the following documents:

HANZA Membership Policy
HANZA Membership Application Form and Fee Schedule

For all enquiries please contact us.