What is HANZA?

Established in 2006, Homeshare Australia & New Zealand Alliance Inc. (HANZA) is a volunteer-driven, not-for-profit collaborative partnership between Homeshare providers and potential providers across Australia and New Zealand.

HANZA is the peak body for Homeshare services in Australia and New Zealand. It acts as a clearing house of information for people wishing to establish a Homeshare program or those looking to find a Homeshare organisation in their community. We provide information, advice and resources about Homeshare, and connect Homeshare programs within Australia and New Zealand to international programs.

HANZA does not register Householders or Homesharers to help them find a shared living arrangement. If you are looking to register for a Homeshare plan, or to find a Householder, we recommend that you contact a Homeshare program near you. (HANZA has no legal authority over Homeshare programs listed on this website

In early 2020, HANZA adopted a three-year strategic plan, setting out its vision and goals, along with its approach to realising those aims:

Our Vision

Supported, shared living arrangements for mutual benefit and community wellbeing, available to vulnerable populations.

Our Mission

To build a network of committed organisations and individuals across Australia and New Zealand that promotes policy, actions and programs around homesharing as a viable, affordable and sustainable model of supported shared living.

Our Strategic Goals

  1. To promote the Homeshare model: increasing our impact on key policy and actions by working towards the acceptance and integration of Homeshare options into policies and programs for vulnerable populations.
  2. To increase the spread of Homeshare Programs: supporting the establishment and development of homeshare programs in Australia and New Zealand, and building an evidence base that underpins the growth of homesharing as a viable and desirable option.
  3. To build HANZA into a dynamic and sustainable organisation: ensuring that HANZA Inc. meets all legislative and regulatory requirements, is managed with integrity and accountability, and is financially sustainable.

Donations to HANZA

Members’ fees provide the major funding available to HANZA. Donations to HANZA Inc. of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia. If you would like to donate to HANZA, you can do so on our Donations page. Any and all contributions are accepted gratefully!

Rules of HANZA Inc.

To download and view a full copy of HANZA Inc.’s Rules, click here.